Chilling Out And Keeping It Simple

We all have a day here and there where we feel stressed, upset, a bit down or perhaps just not very interested/motivated. Feeling like this is a completely natural and okay as at the end of the day we are only human and not every day can be rosy.
Making yourself feel better and treating yourself nicely is one of the many ways which can help  overcome any of the emotions which we deem as being ‘negative’ or ‘bad’. My one piece of advice is not to try and “improve” your mood or day but to instead welcome this uneasy feeling when it comes and just go with it!
Take things you enjoy doing and help yourself through!
Here are a few ways in which you can change your outlook on life & make you feel a bit more at ease:
Pinterest is a great way to take your mind off things whether it is negative connotations in life or things that might just be bothering you. It allows you to escape into a place where all of your interests can be looked at on a mood board. Seeing images of things you like will have a positive influence on you and also just by searching and using the repetitive form of Pinning you are giving your mind a new form of focus and almost going into a meditative mind set.

This could simply be scrolling down your feed looking at people you have followed and like but also just taking a photograph to post. Instagram forces you to find a positive in something or a picture which you deem as nice. By looking for the positive and happy things in our lives we can increase our mood significantly. It can also allow you to search back through your photo album and look at photos of loved ones, remember special days out with friends or families and perhaps the odd few cute animals photographs in there as well!
 A Bubble bath
If you are looking for a relief or breather away from the online world this is a perfect method! Probably one of the more simple methods as all you need is some hot water and a bath. There is something just so comforting about hot water whether it is in the form of a cup of tea, a hot chocolate, a heat pad or a long soak. I really do find this as a good way to relax, treat yourself well and reflect on the day. If you would like to go for a full scale pamper session light up those candles, add in your favourite bath bombs, shower gels and heat your towel up. This will provide you with a safe and comforting aroma to make you feel pampered and more balanced in this busy world!
I really enjoy baking and although many people perceive it as quite a stressful hobby (particularly after watching ‘Bake Off’) It is actually very therapeutic!! The end result is just as a good as the process and completely worth it. If you don’t feel comfortable with making something from scratch perhaps buy a baking box at your local supermarket where you only have to mix in a few ingredients!
Other great methods for relaxation ;
Going out on a walk
Colouring in
Just going out!
Catching up with a friend
Online shopping or physically going shopping

6 Replies to “Chilling Out And Keeping It Simple”

    1. Precisely! I’m glad this has allowed for people to think about how a small action can make a big difference!! Baking is ALWAYS a good idea!


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