The Girls Essentials

So here we are again. Another year, a new style, a fresh start. Whatever we may view it as we welcome another Spring/Summer season into our lives, which I believe is as a good excuse as any to have a spring clear out, organise our lives and most importantly gather your essential items for reviving oneself.
Whether gathering your essential items means to you: re-using old favourites, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new ; or a bit of both – we ALL do it!
As humans we can’t help but be tempted and inspired by the inviting smells of spring daffodils, lighter evenings and warmer weather so we indulge ourselves (and quite rightly so!). I am no different and recently have purchased a few Spring/Summer girly essentials!

I thought I would share with you my 2017 spring essentials for the incoming BBQ’s, picnics, days out and general well-being!
Gradual Moisturising Fake tan – No7 at Boots.  £9.95
I purchased this as I had a University Ball coming up and I am naturally a very pale, peely wally gal, so a bit of fake tan on the legs was definitely needed when wearing a short dress!
I was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea of applying fake tan and didn’t want it to be dramatic but this product was actually really good and gave me the classic description of the ‘sun kissed glow’ look! Really nice!!
 Leopard Print Sunglasses – New Look. £8.00
Although sunny days are quite a rare occurrence in Scotland I was caught off guard a few weeks ago when it was very bright and I realised I didn’t actually own any sunglasses?. I feel personally that this makes this purchase 100% justifiable. I really like them as they are a bit edgy with the leopard print yet also have a nude pink colour on the inside making them quite vintage looking!!
 Hair Clips, Bands, eyeshadow and Sparkles! – Claire’s Accessories. 
Okay, so as I said before I had a University Ball coming up and felt I needed some sparkly things for hair and arms etc! I always had this perception of Claire’s Accessories being for young girls. However, I have dissevered they have some very nice more slightly expensive products which are perfect for special occasions and getting dressed up! They are all a really good quality and I would definitely recommend going online or into one of there shops for a look! The only thing I would say is that the eyeshadow unfortunately as sparkly and amazing as it looks was disappointing for older girls I think this product is more suited for younger girls.
Dark Grey Sparkly Bandeau Crop top – H&M. £8.99
This is like a boob tube in a really nice glittery dark grey colour. This is extremely useful for low cut camisoles for girls like me who do not have a very full bust and cannot fill tops! I think this would also looks nice as a crop top – if you are brave enough and could definitely be worn instead of a bra!
White Embroidered Cut Out Blouse Top – New Look. £20.00
This is a very simple, airy, floaty, summery top which I think will be very useful!
It will go with all sorts – leggings, shorts, skirts…
It is slightly more expensive but it is a nice heavy linen/cotton material and I think it will get a lot of wear out of it!

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