Healthy Nails, Healthy Mind

There is nothing worse than looking down at nails which you are not happy with!

Whether this is that you feel they are too short, you have chipped nail polish or they are just not the way you want them to be,  it can in-fact have a negative effect on your mood.

I find something very therapeutic about moisturising and buffing my nails and the end results also makes me feel much more confident about myself. This could be when I am in lectures writing, typing on a laptop or out in public and think that my nails look fresh and nice.

I have found a few products that I really love to use and feel that really work! I have been exploring nail products and options for a while.

So here are a few ways that could be very quick to do yourself if you don’t like spending a lot of time fussing over your cuticles being crisp or if you would like to just treat yourself!

My first golden product :

IMG_2540.jpgI am always a little suspicious about branded hand creams from well-known high street shops as they always seem a bit too scented and too good to be true? I feel you have to go for a very basic, simple product which will do the job you want it to.

I recently discovered this particular italian inspired brand ‘di’palomo’ which does exactly as it should! It comes in various different fresh and lovely scents and works extremely well. You can rub this on your hands, feet, nails and feel the thick and luscious quality. It isn’t greasy and it isn’t overpowering, I would highly recommend this. My nails looked brighter and shiny and actually grew quite quickly with this cream – this is why I call it my ‘golden product’.



My essential products : These include some of the more boring, practical but necessary tools for taking care of your nails.

A wooden nail stick is a very good and cheap thing to help your nails along. One side has a curved edge for pushing back cuticles, and the other end is pointy to clean underneath nails. Very quick and easy fix!

Nail-polish remover and cotton buds. I prefer the liquid remover form but if you are ‘on the go’ the polish pads are a very easy and compact alternative (however do make your hands a little greasy!) Simple use the remover to clean bare nails and give them a freshen up or remove lingering, chipped nail polish. A very basic but essential product.

A nail file. I actually never used to use a nail file but more recently I have started to use them. Please do be careful with them as overuse will soften and crack your nails!   This is a very quick way to tidy your nails up at work, school or home. Filing in a smooth, repetitive, one way direction will give you nice results!

A buffer. If you would like that glossy, shiny yet healthy looking nail a buffer is a brilliant way to get it! Simply rub over your nail and the buffer will do the work. These can make nails look instantly brighter and better within minutes and come in all shapes , sizes and price ranges! A good buy.


If you have some extra time or would like to spice them up a little bit you can add your favourite nail polish or glitters! Nails are a very easy, important and feminine feature – Let’s embrace them!





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