April Reflections and Favourites

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” – April has flown by and we are now heading into the 5th month of the year which is crazy. The nights are getting much lighter, the flowers are blooming and there are definite signs of Spring/Summer weather.

I always think that April is a nice, friendly month which eases you in gently to Spring weather with occasions like Easter, stirrings of nature and the start of the countdown to Summer.  I have enjoyed many things this month but here are a few I would love to share with you :

Online Shopping – Okay so this one is kind of bitter sweet.

  • I love getting new things to wear but I really do not like the way my bank account looks after it, so I will need to probably try and stop this in May – It has been a lot of fun while it has lasted though!
  •  I have recently been really liking ASOS, Forever 21 and Topshop this month. I’m not usually a big online shopper as I like to try things on and my mum does have a bit of a meltdown when I have a pile of returns, so I generally try to keep it to a minimum. But lucky in some aspects I have actually liked every item I have ordered this month! I also managed to pick up a few discounted items so that made me feel a little less guilty!!


Bubble Baths – A firm favourite this month

  • These have really been helping to de-stress and relax me after a long day of revision. It allows yourself for a little bit of ‘me-time’ and a break. The moment that you dip into a warm bath is so enjoyable and I actually have been having one every single night! I would definitely recommend running yourself a bath once in a while, putting your towel on the radiator, perhaps a cheeky cup of tea and biscuit also and a book or magazine to keep you company!
  • Lovely morning or night. Why not go into your favourite bath shop and pick yourself up an extra special treat to pop in also, it’s nice to treat ourselves once in a while!


Tea and biscuits – Comforting and a little bit naughty!

  • This is an all year-round favourite of mine really, but this month a warm cup of tea and a toffee pop biscuit have been especially nice during this revision and exam season! There is something very comforting about hot water in any form so whether you are more of a coffee or hot chocolate person it is important to treat yourself once in a while! Select your favourite mug and relax for a few minutes each day!
  • I am a bit of a biscuit connoisseur and really like biscuits! I would happily sit and munch biscuits all day instead of eating any proper food, so this is also a habit which I may have to limit next month!




Family Time and Moments – something I haven’t been able to do as much as I would’ve liked to recently.

  • As I have been away at University I have only been able to have occasional short trips home! This has made it quite hard to be able to see everyone and  catch-up with all of my family.
  • Throughout April I have been home on study leave therefore I have had time and been able to see a lot more of them! This has included going out for coffee, going round to their houses and even just spending time with my little dog! It has really been nice and made me feel very supported and happy!


WordPress – I  really like blogging?!

  • I have always been really interested in starting a blog but I have never really known how to go about it or had the confidence to do so. I can’t believe how warmly welcomed I have been, I have had people following me,  liking my posts and leaving such lovely comments. Thank you all of you for being so nice –  I am really enjoying it.
  • April was my first month of blogging and I am really looking forward to continuing it and I hope you are too! I also have really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and hearing their stories and thoughts and I can’t believe I waited so long to join in! Keep your eyes peeled for more.


Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 14.40.54.png


I hope you have all had a lovely April month and now we can and will all welcome in May together!


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