Coping with Grief

Grief comes in stages. Each stage is individually difficult to let into our minds and get through.

Losing a loved one can be so difficult and even though it is a natural process and we all know it will happen someday it is still so hard to accept.

We all think about it, we all dread it and even sometimes we prepare ourselves for it. But we never really prepare for or know how to nurture and treat our way through it: particularly the aftermath. We need to be kind.

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 16.40.02.png

Here a few ways which may help to guide you through the days, weeks, months and even years after the loss of someone you love.

Please don’t put a time limit on it; Be Patient 

  • Sometimes you can feel left behind and it can appear as though others have managed to gather their thoughts and carry on a lot quicker than you have. Remember that everyone is different, everyones mind is different and therefore everyones healing process is different. Relax, accept the feeling as best you can and continue in your recovery. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you give yourself the time you need.


Please be kind to yourself ; Grieve and Pamper 

  • It’s important to allow yourself to feel the sadness and be thoughtful towards your body. You are going through a hard time and need to aid the healing process. Allowing yourself to express your emotion by talking to someone, having a little cry or indulging yourself in a nice thing is important.  Don’t restrict yourself.


Please don’t distress yourself with thoughts ; Happy reflections will come when they are ready

  • It is human nature to think of the saddest memory or thing possible after loosing someone, don’t suppress these thoughts but place them to one side to be dealt with later when you are stronger and can handle them. What may seem like devastatingly sad thoughts at the time will turn into happy reflections and memories which you can cherish. The mind can play tricks on us, but bring it back to a calm, balanced place.


Please don’t runaway; mark the occasion instead

  • This will be an event that you will eventually look back on and remember. It may be a good idea to create, buy or mark something that symbolises this period of time in your life. This could be a bracelet charm, a plaque, an ornament or even a garden bench. Something to remind you of this hard but reflective time period in your life.


Hopefully with a little bit of advice from someone else and the right amount of grieving time you can take this and begin to recover.





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