The Perfect Spa Night

When we think of Spa nights we mostly think about connotations surrounding Wintery months where we need to cosy and warm ourselves up by nice hot baths, towels and fluffy slippers. This is true, however as humans we do seem to pay less attention to some self love and care and our much-deserved pampering sessions.

It’s nice to pamper ourselves once in a while and why should we not in Summer? A lighter, fresher and more airy routine using natural and clean products means that we can rejuvenate and cool ourselves on warm Summer nights after long days out in the sun, wind and fresh air.

The Summer elements can be as equally as harsh on our skins as the Winter so this is my advice for a luxury summer pamper morning or evening to rejuvenate, refresh and revive oneself!


  • Apply an SPF or suncream:

This of course mostly applies to people having a morning pamper session as you will not need to wear suncream to bed! However, there are moisturisers and cleansers which include SPF which you could of course incorporate and use in a bedtime routine and are suitable for 24hr wear.

For those morning spa people I would recommend a health dollop of suncream or an SPF moisturiser to protect our skin from UV sun rays in the Summer Months. This means that when we are out and about we are helping to prevent the skin from burning, protecting our skin from sun damage in the long term and means that we can achieve the “healthy skin glow” in a safer and easier, more lightweight way!

My top pick for this would be Kiehl’s Ultra Facial 24hr Hydrating Moisturiser cream, there are so many other similar products online so keep an eye out for one which suits you!

  • Run a warm..ish bath or enjoy a nice cool shower

Obviously on a day of a heatwave the last thing we all want to do is jump into a warm bath! This is ideal for maybe those cooler days which we are particularly seeing in Scotland at the moment.  Alternatively a cooling shower will help wake up our muscles and cool our bodies down on those very humid and hot days leaving us feeling like we can tackle anything!

I would recommend fresh scented products such as orange, lemon, fig or rose. These smells will help us feel energised and revitalised and more awake which is how we want to feel in Summer and an added bonus of course is that you will smell delicious!

Enjoy your bath or shower in the morning or evening and be sure to wrap yourself in a fresh cotton towel.



  • Cream and Moisturise 

Our skin may become very dehydrated after spending hours outside and in the sun. Unlike Winter, In Summer we don’t want to apply heavy products onto our skin as this can sometimes make us feel a bit sticky. Buying a light eye cream, body spritz or fresh moisturiser can cool us down, leaving us feeling crisp and clean. This will also hydrate our skin subsequently doing wonders to our complexion and giving us that lovely summer glow!

Benefit’s Under Eye Cream is a very nice hydrating product for both morning and evening use and allows your eyes to cool and breathe

  • Slip into something a bit more comfortable

We wouldn’t wear wooly clothes during the day in Summer so why would we at bedtime? Summer heat and temperatures can really disturb our sleep if we don’t allow our skin to breath – there is nothing worse than feeling too hot in bed!

Laying out a pair of lightweight pyjamas such as linen or cotton and sometimes even just going in your bra and panties to bed will make us feel cooler, less clammy and help us deal with the heat. Slipping into lighter clothes at night will allow our temperature to regulate after a hot day and before we go to sleep leaving us with cooler skin and a better nights sleep.


  • Stay Hydrated

Summer drinks can sometimes be a bit difficult to control. In Winter it is very easy to just boil the kettle and sip all day on hot drinks. However, in Summer months this is a little bit more tricky especially if you don’t drink alcohol and are perhaps a little more health cautious.

Try experimenting with different things if you are not a great lover of the classic water. Perhaps adding some cucumber, fruit, diluting juice or herbs to your drink to keep yourself hydrated will encourage you to drink more so that your skin remains plump and your not dehydrated. Smoothies and Juices are also a really good way to get all of your nutrients in one go and make you feel like you are entering the Summer spirit!

  • A bit of cuticle and Nail love

All aspects of our body do struggle a little bit in Summer so it is important to nourish  them through the forces of heat and uv rays that we receive in these months. Although vitamin D is extremely good for skin and nails there is no harm in a little help from some cuticle cream and solar oil to make our cuticles seem more crisp, hydrated and healthy. Simply massaging either one of these products once a day int your nails will make them stronger, grow faster and appear more glowy and healthy.

Summer is also a perfect excuse to either book yourself in or paint your own nails a bright or eye-catching sparkly colour. I think corals, oranges, reds and golds look particularly nice this time of year when the sun shines on them!

I really hope this has given you some inspiration about how you want to take care, nourish and support your body through these Summer months.

and also, remember to enjoy yourselves as Summer only happens once a year!



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